Free yourself with unlimited music releases! Keep 100% of your royalties, get free ISRCs & Barcodes. YouTube Content ID & pre-orders at no extra cost.

No hidden fees, all these are included

First Feature

Choose your release date and set up a Pre-Order so your fans can buy your release before it goes live and will be in their libraries on release day.

Barcodes & ISRCs

UPC's, EAN's, Barcodes or whatever you like to call them are all free on our system, and so are ISRC's (You can also use your own!)

Playlist Plug

To be considered for a playlist plug to one DSP, please contact our team with your one sheet, the track you want to plug, your release date and your name on the system.

Distribution to Asia & China

We have one of the largest networks available, over 100+ stores! Many distribution companies don't have deals with platforms like: TenCent (China), AWA (Japan) and JioSaavn (India). We do!

Youtube & Monetisation

We're the only company that offers 100% revenue back for content ID at no extra cost. We collect revenue from UGC from; YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook/Instagram.

100% of your royalties

We provide you with 100% of the royalties we collect from DSPs. We account monthly directly into your bank account of choice in the currency you desire.

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